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A compact and easy to use camera bag

Review Peak Design Everyday Sling 3l

The Peak Design Every Day Sling is a compact, minimalistic and easy to use camera bag, ideal for outdoor adventures. The three liter version is the smallest size and perfect a smaller camera body/lens, a spare lens and some accessories.


When I´m out paddling, skiing or hiking the camera always come along. Documenting what I see and experience is an important part of the adventure. Having the camera in a reliable bag while at the same time having easy and fast to access to the camera is a challenge.

Skiing in the Vålådalen nature reserve in Jämtland, Sweden. It was a cold adventure with temperatures well below -15 degrees celsius. Parts of the trip I carried the sling on my back while pulling the pulk and that worked just fine.

Over the years I’ve used a number of different bags, ranging from really simple pocket camera bags to waterproof Ortlieb bags and big camera backpacks. Since six months I’m using the Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L.

The Peak Design Everyday Sling meets the requirements I had when I started looking for a new camera bag:

  • It should keep my camera, lenses and spare batteries safe in varying conditions during, paddling, skiing, sailing and hiking.
  • It should have a minimalist and compact design without bells and whistles. Less is more.
  • The bag should provide easy access to the camera equipment.
  • It should be able to carry a camera/lens plus a spare lens and some batteries.

Peak Design Everyday Sling features

The Everyday Sling is available in three sizes depending on need, I got the smallest one, the three liter. It has:

  1. Two large and four small internal stretchy pockets
  2. One FlexFold divider
  3. Two external carry straps at the bottom of the sling

The 3L sling has room for e.g. a mirrorless camera body/lens plus a extra prime lens. In my bag I carry:

  • Fujifilm X-E4
  • Fujifilm 18-55mm/f2.8-4 kit lens
  • Fujifilm 10-24mm/f4 lens
  • Two spare batteries

This camera setup fits easily in the three liter sling.

There is a handle on the top for situation when you want to have the sling in your hand. The shoulder strap is adjustable and you can also adjust the strap so you can have the sling as a hip bag.

There are straps at the bottom of the 3L sling so you can attach a tripod, but I carry the tripod in hand to have faster and easier access to it.


Some specs for the sling:

  1. It’s made out of400D double polycoated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell.
  2. It’s made out of 100% recycled post-consumer material
  3. It has a high visibility grey nylon interior.
  4. The hardware is anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon
  5. It has durable UltraZips
  6. It’s available in leather accents (Ash, Midnight) or Hypalon (Black)
  7. It weighs approximatelly 0,5 kg and has a 3L capacity

Pros and cons with the Peak Design Everyday Sling


  • Minimalistic design
  • Light and compact
  • Adjustable interior and shoulder strap
  • Easy and nice to carry
  • Reliable
  • Easy access to the camera gear
  • Perfect size and volume
  • Not to expansive
  • Good looking
  • Discrete, it doesn’t scream photographer


To be honest I can’t really come up with any cons.

Setup and tips from Peak Design

This video from Peak Design will give you some inspiration how to use and setup the Everyday Sling.


I give the PeakDesign Everyday Sling 3L a five out out five rating. I’m really happy with it!


Peak Design

Cyberphoto (where I bought my Sling)

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Ett konstverk i kolfiber

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod (foto: Peak Design )

1992. Livet är enkelt. Jag har precis muckat från lumpen och börjat på högskolan. Det enda man behövde bry sig om var att ta sig ur sängen och pallra sig till skolan. Av någon anledning fick jag för mig att köpa en kamera och ett stativ.

Kameran lever inte längre men stativet tuffar och går. Det är ett Manfrotto stativ på kring tre kilo med en massiv kulled. Jag har kånkat på det otaliga kilmetrar genom t.ex Kebnekaisefjällen och Sarek.

För ett par sedan ville jag testa ett lätt stativ då jag ändå mest fotade med en liten och enkel kompaktkamera. La cirka 500 kronor på ett Manfrotto Compact Light. Compact Light stativet är det stativ jag ueslutande använt sista åren.

Sen i höstas använder jag en lite större kompaktkamera och på någon tur har systemkameran fått följa med. Har känt att jag saknat ett stativ som är stadigare än Manfrotto Compact Light men ändå smidigt.

Vad blev det då? Jo, ett Peak Design Travel Tripod. Första turen det var med på var till Idenorsolmen i oktober. Review kommer efter mer användning. Så här långt är jag väldigt nöjd, det är ett konstverk i kolfiber.